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James Hardie Siding Reviews

Read 2024 James Hardie siding reviews from contractors and consumers who know and work with this fiber cement product. Use our hardie siding calculator to find pricing on this product.

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Hardiplank Installation

We were so lucky we were able to use Apex because, according to the carpenter, its' very difficult to install. Apparently Hardiboard is the easiest and probably why it's so popular throughout the country. We went to Abbington where they were installing Apex siding to a property to see how it looked in person and I absolutely love it.

2012 - Candace - Homeowner

An Expensive Option

I have just done some research on Hardiplank, which I really wanted to use on my property. I was amazed at the prices, this product is so much more expensive that even the higher end vinyl options. I found that if you chose to have it painted at the factory you could end up paying at least three times more than you would pay for a high end vinyl product. You will also pay at least double if you have it primed at the factory and then you have to paint it yourself, which adds to the price. The advantage is that you can choose your color and change it as and when you want.

You will have to factor in that the painting should be redone every fifteen years, which is fine if you have a single storey home, but can become expensive if you happen to have a double storey property.

2010 - Kate - Homeowner

Hardi vs. Other Options

I have always loved Hardi, but unfortunately the cost has been a huge deciding factor for me in the past. Believe me if cost wasn't an issue, I would choose Hardi every time. Once you factor in the repainting every ten to fifteen years, you are looking at an expensive investment. If you think that a double storey property that sits on a walk out and reaches about three stories in height will cost you anything up to $20,000.

As much as I wanted the Hardi I had to choose a high end vinyl, I chose one I had used before and I've never had a problem. There are a number of quality grade vinyl options available that will wear as well as the Hardi.

2010 - Donna - Homeowner

Review from Contractor

I have installed siding for many years and I have installed both the Hardi siding and vinyl siding. The only real advantage I can see when choosing Hardi is the fire rating, which can help reduce your insurance premium. A quality vinyl option can hold up as well, if not better than the Hardi board and they also offer a wider variety when it comes to color choices. Check Hardie siding colors here.

Personally I prefer installing the vinyl siding because it's so much easier to install than Hardi. You often find that many contractors install Hardi wrong which leads to problems in the long run. Remember installation is a very important step in the siding process. I've actually seen Hardi tear over time as the house settles due to poor installation.

You'll find the vinyl siding can contract and expand easier, which means it is less likely to damage over time and what I love about the vinyl siding is the price.

2009 - Nick - Contractor

The Extra Cost is Worth It

I know that Hardi is expensive, but I believe that paying that extra for the look and quality it provides is a worthwhile expense. Our aim was to have our new home look as though it had been there for years and with the problems we had experienced in the past with vinyl, we chose Hardi.

Our home is a fair size, it's three stories at the back and two in the front and the price of painting every fifteen years is worth it in my eyes, as long as the Hardi holds for many more years to come. Remember that installation is just as important as they use different tools to install the Hardi board.

2009 - Jeremy - Homeowner

Shrinking Issues

I have used Canexel in the past but experienced shrinking problems on the recent two jobs I completed. The siding shrunk so badly that they couldn't cover the joint. I believe that this siding isn't available anymore, but I can get it in Canada. Has anyone else experienced this?

2008 - Donovan - Contractor

[Contractor Reply]

I've seen this problem a few times. Most of the time the problem is caused by incorrect storage before the siding is installed. I've seen it happen with Hardiplank and Canexel where the siding got wet prior to installation. Of course in the end you're left with a poor finished product.

2008 - Michael - Contractor

Poor Customer Service Experience

I had the Khaki brown Hardi installed just under a year ago and we are experiencing major problems with scaling and peeling. I must say I am so disappointed in Hardi's customer service, they have been completely unresponsive and disorganised, to say the least. We didn't hear anything from Hardi for at least two months and when I called them they couldn't even find my claim. After emailing them the information for the second time, they stated that it was an installation problem and they were not going to do anything about it. I was completely disgusted at their attitude, they wouldn't even send round their representative in the area to have a look.

Based on the email I sent them, they made the decision that it was due to installation that I had my problems which was caused by water, apparently there wasn't enough tapering. Strangely enough my neighbour has the same Hardi installed by the same contractor and they sold the product without any tapering. We eventually got a call back from them stating they will pay for the boards that have been affected only and will send a letter stating why they will not cover the entire project.

This has left a very sour taste in our mouths, as I am sure you can imagine and I don't think Hardi should sell their product here in the north as it cannot manage our severe weather conditions. There warranty is just a word they add to the sale to try and get you to buy their product, but should you have any problems, that warranty has absolutely no value at all.

2008 - Stephanie - Homeowner

Worked Well On My Dutch Colonial

Originally I was going with the Hardie plank because it's so popular here in Virginia, but at the time I hadn't done my homework and didn't know about all the great siding options available. After doing some research we actually chose the Nichiha, it was thicker and blended in well with our Dutch Colonial design. The Nichiha panels are durable and smoother than the Hardie. Overall we are thrilled with our choice and I am glad we chose the Nichiha rather than the Hardie in the end.

2008 � Geoff a Homeowner

Fantastic Product

I only have great things to say about Hardiplank. We installed it on our home a while ago, it came with a fifty year warranty. I am so impressed with the finished product, it is solid and looks fantastic and I'm sure it will manage our climate. An added bonus is that we saved money on our insurance because Hardi is so fire resistant.

2008 - Justin - Homeowner

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