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Georgia Pacific Siding Reviews

Browse Georgia Pacific Siding Reviews from homeowners and contractors with past experience dealing with GP products and customer service. For additional information on Georgia Pacific siding colors, click here and get GP product pricing.

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Vinyl Siding Quality

We're knee deep in researching vinyl siding for our home and have narrowed it down to Gentek and Georgia Pacific. Here in New York lots of people seem to use (or have at least heard of) GP. Their builder grade siding does not include the rolled nail hem that is standard with Gentek's comparable product. My online search online indicated problems with aluminum siding from Gentek, but no issues with their vinyl products. I would love to get some opinions on whether their product is good quality.

Harold - Homeowner - 2013

{Contractor Response]

Gentek is one of my go to brands and I've liked the jobs I used it on (as well as my customers). Every siding manufacturer offers some limited lifetime warranty on their products that includes a fade protection clause. However, all vinyl siding will fade over time, typically the warranty includes the number of shades that the product can fade to and that the product will fade the same based on the amount of sun exposure. I've never used Georgia Pacific siding as it is not available where I live, so I can't provide any meaningful comparison.

Don - Contractor - 2013

GP vs CertainTeed

We were debating between Certainteed Cedar Impressions and GP Cedar Spectrum. I checked Consumer Reports on siding products and the Impressions got a good score (the Georgia Pacific Spectrum wasn't included so I couldn't compare them), but I'm not quite sure how reliable CR is. The Cedar Spectrum is maybe $50 per square cheaper, but the Certainteed Impressions has a slightly more realistic wood grain look to it and has deeper grooves and a heavier feel to it. We ended up going with the Cedar Spectrum, mainly because of the price difference, which adds up for 20 squares of material. It's now been up on the house for a few years and looks good. We have gotten looks of compliments on the unique look, which definitely looks different than natural cedar siding.

Dan - Homeowner - 2020

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