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Hardie Siding Calculator

Our Hardie siding calculator can help you price out your next project by calculating the approximate cost of Hardiplank or Hardieboard.

Hardiplank Siding Calculator

Our estimator is located her to the right --> In general, the cost of Hardiplank or Hardie Board will cost $5 to $10 per square foot installed. This will include the cost for the Hardiplank, any additional materials like trim, fascia, soffits etc. as well as the price on the installation itself. Enter your details in our Hardie siding calculator to the right and hit the button to find an estimate for your project.

-- Price Range: $5 to $10 psf installed

Factors That Affect Price

This is a big price range for a project. Some of the main factors that will affect whether you pay $5 psf or $10 psf include the part of the country that you live in. More urban locations or states that have high business taxes will result in higher contractor costs due to overhead, worker's comp and labor rates. Certainly how intricate or complex the installation will affect whether the contractor can easily get the job done or whether they have to spend more time with the decorative touches and accessories.

The last big factor is the time of year in which the project occurs. During the high season from May to September, project rates tend to be higher due to the increased consumer demand, while October to April tend to have lower project costs due to less demand and worse weather.

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