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Beaded Siding Prices

Beaded siding prices range from $2.75 to $7 per square foot fully installed. Get board pricing, specfic product details and cost range on many of the most popular beaded cladding options, as well as full project cost estimates.

-- Price Range: $2.75 to $7 psf fully installed --

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Beaded Siding Boards

Beaded siding is a special type of board that has a raised bead that runs along the horizontal board or panel. The boards themselves can be either vertical or horizontal, although nearly all beaded siding uses a horizontal plank. As an example, a 6″ wide panel would have a pencil width raised bead that runs down the middle of the board. This style is very distinctive and many homeowners feel that it adds a sense of elegance or even stateliness to a home. The reason is that it harkens back to the Southern plantation style where homes were had tons of charm and elegance.

This cladding will often cost 10% more than a comparable product due to the the added material and production cost. It will typically not run as much as an insulated vinyl cladding or fiber cement board.

-- Price Range: $0.75 to $2 psf (boards only) --

Durabuilt 450 Series

The Durabuilt 450 series beaded vinyl siding has a smooth texture and low-gloss finish that helps to emphasize the beaded edge and shadow that is quite distinctive. The line comes in a single profile and 9 Durabuilt color combinations.

Durabuilt 450 Beaded Prices

Kaycan Newport Plank

The Kaycan Newport siding is a heavy gauge horizontal beaded cladding that comes in a 6.5" profile and six color selections. Explore all Kaycan color options here.

Kaycan Newport Plank Cost

Alside Williamsport Colonial Beaded Siding

The Alside Williamsport Colonial Beaded comes in a single 6.5" beaded profile that has a .044" thickness and has a subtle wood grain pattern. It is available in 14 distinct Alside siding colors.

Alside Williamsport Colonial Beaded Pricing

Cellwood Colonial Beaded Cladding

Cellwood Colonial Beaded is a beaded siding that comes in a 6.5" profile and includes a classic Southern look that incorporates two beads and shadow lines. This cladding is available in 8 Cellwood siding color options.

Cellwood Colonial Beaded Costs

CertainTeed Carolina Beaded

The CertainTeed Carolina panel uses a deep V groove to create shadow and depth, along with a low gloss brushed finish. The Carolina Beaded is .044 in thickness and comes in 14 unique Certainteed color options.

CertainTeed Carolina Costs

Gentek Berkshire Beaded

The Gentek Berkshire uses that nice beaded ridge in the middle to create texture and shadow. This creates a very distinctive look to the panels that are 040" thick and available in 14 different Gentek cladding colors.

Gentek Berkshire Prices

Mastic Charleston Beaded Siding

Mastic Charleston beaded cladding uses a contemporary bead design that incorporates a smooth, traditional finish that comes in 15 color options.

Mastic Charleston Cost

Norandex Cambridge Beaded

Norandex Cambridge integrates Southern architecture with traditional craftsmanship to create a charming and elegant look and feel. The Cambridge is one of the more premium examples of beaded vinyl cladding and is available in 15 unique Norandex siding colors.

Norandex Cambridge Price

Revere Berkshire Beaded

Revere Berkshire Beaded is a fairly standard beaded panel that comes in a 6.5" profile and incorporates the distinctive shadow line and brushed texture board. This Revere siding option comes in 14 Revere cladding color options.

Revere Berkshire Pricing

Additional Material Pricing

The cost of additional materials - items such as trim boards, soffits, fascia boards, j or f channels, housewrap, collated nails, etc. will cost somewhere between $1 and $2 per square foot, depending on the project and homeowner's style and tastes.

-- Additional Material Cost: $1 to $2 psf --

Installation Cost

The installation cost on beaded siding will be on par with other vinyl or wood cladding projects. Most consumers can expect the labor to run $1 to $3 per square foot depending on the contractor, the time of year, the installation details and the number of windows and doors they have to make cuts for.

-- Installation Cost: $1 to $3 psf --

Fully Installed Project Totals

The fully installed cost of most beaded siding projects will run $2.75 to $7 per square foot. This includes the panels or boards, all of the additional materials and the cost of the labor. Compare this to vinyl shake prices.

-- Installed Price Range: $2.75 to $7 psf fully installed --

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