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Siding Materials Cost

What do siding materials cost? There can be many components and materials in any given project. We will do our best to give pricing breakdowns on items such as the actual siding panels and/or shingles, trim, fasica and soffits, gable vents, J channels, housewrap, nails etc. All of these prices are what a homeowner can expect to see from a contractor. However, there are HUGE variations in what one contractor charges over another -- all different levels of business have different overhead depending on where they are located and how they run their operations.

Cost Of The Siding Itself

The cost of the siding itself will vary based on manufacturer, the grade of the product and the color and or upgrade options you select. Most entry grade vinyl costs around $0.75 per sqaure foot. Mid grade products come in somewhere around $1.50 psf and premium shingles or foam back vinyl will price out at $2.50. Click to compare siding products prices from some of the most popular manufacturers (the cost of the actual siding itself).

-- Average Cost: $1.50 psf --

Housewrap Or Sheathing

Tyvec is the most popular brands of housewrap and arguably the best. In general, sheathing will run $.10 per square foot.

-- Average Cost: $0.10 psf --

Collated Nails

Collated nails are used to secure each panel or shingle to the walls of the home. Popular brands include Bostitch, Hitachi and Freemand.

-- Average Cost: $0.05 psf --

Fascia, Soffits & Trim Boards

Fascia, soffit and trim boards are usually three to four times as expensive as straight lap vinyl panels. However, the homeowner is only using it on 10% to 15% of the home. If the typical vinyl siding panel runs $1 per square foot, this would put the price of the average fascia, soffia and trim board at $4 psf. We then multiply this by .15 to reach the average per square foot cost.

-- Average Cost: $1 psf --

J Channels, F Channels & Starter Courses

J channels cover the the end of the soffit where it has been cut and provides it some wriggle room for contracting/expanding. It also keeps the soffit from moving around in the wind. F Channels are placed vertically and help support support horizontal panels and/or soffits. Starter courses are essentially your bottom anchor row of siding and are placed and leveled where the siding will start. They go on before you begin nailing the panels. We estimated the per square foot cost of all of these to be $0.40 psf.

-- Average Cost: $0.40 psf --

Inside And Outside Corner Posts

Corner posts are used, not surprisingly, on the corners and positioned a little less than an inch below the starter strip.

-- Average Cost: $0.40 psf --

Tear Off Existing Siding

The cost to tear off of old siding usually falls somewhere in the $50 to $100 per square, which includes the cost of disposal. Vinyl or aluminum usually run less than this at $25 to $50 per square. Sometimes this charge is including in the labor portion of the bid and sometimes it isn't.

-- Average Cost: $0.35 psf --

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