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Vinyl Siding Calculator

Our vinyl siding calculator below will help you get accurate pricing for your siding project. Simply key in your project specifics and find an industry standard price on your next project.

Vinyl Siding Calculator Basics

Normally we offer a number of material choices, but since this is a vinyl siding calculator, we have already entered this for you. Next select whether you intend to replace existing cladding, need cladding for a new home, need cladding for an addition to your home or are looking to repair sections of your current cladding. Next select the square footage of the project - you don't have to be exact here and please feel free to play around with the different square feet to see how it will affect the overall cost.

Budget & Product Pricing

Next select your budget preference - entry level for a lower end vinyl product, mid range for a better grade product and high end for a foam backed or insulated product. The mid range will add slightly less than double to the price, while the high end products will be roughly two and a half times as much as your entry level products. Most entry level vinyl siding will run something like $0.65 to $0.90 psf and high end products will run $2 to $3 per square foot (think shingles and insulated vinyl siding products). Finally, enter your five digit zip code and hit the See Pricing button. Within seconds, your will see an industry standard price for your project!

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