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Buying Vinyl Siding

Buying vinyl siding is an easy process. Vinyl siding has increased in popularity over recent years due to its affordability, its ability to keep energy costs down and its ease of application. We have put together ten easy to follow steps to help you overcome some of the problems you may experience when buying vinyl siding.

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10 Sensible Steps to Buying Vinyl Siding

Take Advantage of the Internet

The internet offers a wealth of information and it's easy to find information about vinyl siding to help you determine all the advantages and disadvantages of this product. It's always a good idea to read through the online forums, hear real customer reviews from people who have experience with the product. Bear in mind that some people like to complain, they may exaggerate what happened to them, so don't take it to heart.


Before you buy any vinyl siding, you'll need to know what parts of your property you'll be covering. Take your measurements as accurately as possible to help you determine how much siding you'll need. A good idea is to draw your property, writing down the sizes on the drawing to ensure you don't forget any part of the building. If at any stage you are unsure, get professional advice. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Get An Idea on Price

Again we turn to the internet, there are many websites online that will offer you an idea on prices, they won't guarantee the prices, but at least you can get an idea on what you can expect to pay. These sites take your location and information you provide to gather data, they then give you an estimated price, which is very helpful when budgeting a siding project.

Head To The Shop

You have nothing to lose by heading down to your local Home Depot or Lowe's. You'll find the staff are knowledgeable and able to offer advice. Even better though, they usually have samples, enabling you to see and touch the siding before making a decision. Always discuss price with the sales person, it's important they know that you are shopping around to find the best possible price, this may enable you to get a good discount at the store.

Use a Contractor

You can use an experienced contractor who can arrange the siding for you at a competitive price and install it. It's advisable to use contractors that have been recommended to you either through word of mouth or the Better Business Bureau. You need peace of mind that the contractor you choose is reputable, reliable and professional.

The DIY Route

You should only attempt to install the vinyl siding yourself if you have some idea on exactly what is involved. While there are plenty of "how to" videos available on the internet, they don't always show you the preparation required before you actually start the installation process. Remember that seeing and doing are completely different. If you are unsure at any stage, rather call in a professional and be safe than sorry.

Do It Yourself Suggestion

As previously mentioned, seeing and doing are not the same thing, so if you do decide to complete your siding project yourself, it may be worthwhile to find out if there are any siding projects taking place in your local area. Head to the site and see the contractors at work, ask questions and see how to do the job first hand.

Hire a Professional Contractor

It's always advisable to get a minimum of three quotes before you hire a professional contractor. Having three quotes enables you to review each one and compare them against each other, choosing the one that meets your timescale and budget. Also always ensure the quotes are guaranteed and signed.

Delivery Information

Always take the time to determine the delivery information from a supplier if you choose to purchase your vinyl siding separately. Not all suppliers automatically include a delivery charge and some offer a very long time frame before delivery takes place. This may be one of your deciding factors, especially if you want to complete your siding project in the shortest period of time.

Keep All the Paperwork

It's always advisable to keep all the records pertaining to your vinyl siding project and cost. This way you can ensure you are staying within budget, you can see where most of your budget has been sent and should the work being carried out be on a second property, you can enjoy a tax deduction on all the amounts.

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