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Read 2024 Napco Siding reviews from consumers and contractors on their most popular siding options, including the American Splendor, Herald, Tradition, Comfort, Essence and more.

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Napco American Tradition Review

My wife and I installed one of the mid range vinyl sidings from Napco on our home nearly seven years ago, I believe the Traditions line, and it has held up well. I didn't want anything to do with vinyl because of what I'd heard about it but I finally gave in when I compared how much it would cost compared to natural cedar shingles. The south side of the house gets a ton of direct sunlight and I was worried about the color fading over time. I had a home improvement project that I completed last month so I actually took the time to check how the siding on that wall compared to the rest of the house. There was some fading, but very minimal. I had to switch out a couple pieces of the siding and the color difference was very small, I was definitely impressed. We haven't had any issues besides this.

Brad - Homeowners - 2011

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