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Cellwood Siding Reviews

Read Cellwood siding reviews from homeowners, contractors and our editors on their Cedar Dimensions, Progressions and Evolution series. Cellwood is owned by Ply Gem siding, along with a number of other companies such as Mitten and Mastic.

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Cellwood Siding Review

We recently installed a Cellwood siding and I have to say I'm pleased, but it hasn't been on long so maybe I should hold my applause for awhile. We didn't have any issues with the install and I actually did it as a DIY project and was a bit hesitant about the whole thing. No major problems, a few hiccups during the installation, but I expected that. The boards seem strong, we used the Cellwood vertical siding, board and batten, which I think gives the home a unique look (compared with most that use horizontal panels). So far we have have been through a winter that was mild, but we had one or two big storms and the siding held up well. I've already recommended it to a neighbor down the street so I'll be eating crow if he hates it. But so far, so good!

Daniel - Homeowner - 2013

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