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Hurricane Vinyl Siding

Hurricane vinyl siding is built to withstand the high winds, rain and debris that are typical during intense storms. Explore products, brands and estimated per square siding costs for each top hurricane selection.

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Preservation Ultra-Premium Siding

The Preservation Ultra Premium vinyl line incorporates an oak grain texture into the panels and comes in either a clapbaord of dutch lap profile. The boards are extremely thick, .050" per panel, which makes for a dent resistant and durable board. The Ultra Premium is available in 27 distinct color options.

-- Price Range: $1.50 to $2 psf (product only) --

Variform Vortex Extreme Siding

The Variform Vortex Extreme siding is one of their premium vinyl siding options that is specifically built to withstand high winds and debris. It is ideal for homeowners living in hurricane prone areas. The Vortex comes in a number of profiles, including a double 4", 4.5" Dutch lap, double 5", as well as a double 4" and 4.5" long length panel.

-- Price Range: $1 to $1.50 psf (product only) --