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Board And Batten Siding Prices

Board And Batten siding prices range from $3 to $7 per square foot installed. The two big price factors will be the material you choose. Simple plywood with battens will be pretty cheap, while primed and stained fiber cement boards or a high end wood will be much more expensive. Obviously the details on the installation itself will also dictate whether you pay at the low or high end of the install pricing spectrum.

-- Completed Project Cost: $3 to $7 psf installed --

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Cost For The Boards And Battens

Board and battens are a type of vertical siding where the board is placed flush to the wall and the thinner batten is placed on top of the board so that it projects out from the wall. This creates a very classic look that can look cool and modern or more rural, depending on what materials and styles are used in conjunction with it. The boards and batten can be made from a variety of materials, from plywood to high end wood like an oak or spruce to vinyl to fiber cement.

Board And Batten Costs

Durabuilt 480 Series

The Durabuilt 480 series is a board and batten that uses a 7" face and a 1.5" batten that helps to create depth and character to the exterior of the home. Board and battens often are considered a more rustic look and the 480 is available in 7 designer Durabuilt colors and a low gloss finish.

Durabuilt Board And Batten Price

GP Board & Battens

The Georgia Pacific Board & Batten are a vertical siding option that uses thinner battens over traditional thicker boards for a claissic look. The 7" vinyl siding is .048" thick and is available in 12 different color selections.

Georgia Pacific Board And Batten Cost

Kaycan Board And Batten Siding

The Kaycan Board And Batten option is a vertical cladding that incorporates the tongue and groove of real cedar planks, along with distinctive shadow lines. This option comes in two different finishes, including woodgrain and smooth and is available in 17 Kaycan cladding colors.

Kaycan Board And Batten Prices

Other Project Materials

The other project materials will obviously add to the overall price. These included but are not limited to housewrap, nails, mounting blocks, trim board, fascia, and soffits. While the cost of these additional materials will be unique to each project, consumers can expect to pay somewhere between $1 and $2 per square foot for these.

-- Other Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

Cost Of Installation

Installation will vary and actually what is below really doesn't include the higher end of fiber cement boards, which may run $4 to $5 per sqaure foot. Because most board and batten projects use vinyl or plywood, we listed the installation costs just a tad higher than what you would expect from standard vinyl panels.

-- Installation: $1 to $2.50 psf --

Completed Project Pricing

Low to mid range completed project pricing ranges from $3 to $5 psf installed. This includes the board and batten panels, all other materials and the price for the installation. Mid to higher end completed project pricing ranges from $5 to $7 psf installed. This cost range also includes the board and battens, the additional materials and the price for the installation. For additional pricing information, see our page on Hardiplank siding cost.

-- Complete Project Cost: $3 to $7 psf installed --

Board And Batten Siding Manufacturers

Board and batten are a relatively popular style of siding, although nowhere near as commom as standard lap board. Here are several recommendations for solid products that should be available in your area.

Cellwood Board And Batten