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Vinyl Siding Thickness

Durability and quality are important considerations when choosing siding for your home. Vinyl siding thickness plays an important role in this; strong and durable siding is usually thicker, which can also have an impact on the finished look of your home.

Various Vinyl Siding Thicknesses

On average vinyl siding is .40 to .45 millimeters thick. Lower grade siding can come in around the .35 millimeter mark, while the more expensive and thicker sidings can be as much as .55 millimeters. You will find that a majority of the manufacturers and stores will offer you a choice when it comes to the vinyl siding thickness, these are named rather than in sizes. We have listed the common names and thicknesses below to help you recognize them when looking at vinyl siding in the store.

Vinyl Siding Thickness

Builder Grade: .40 mm
Thin Homeowner Grade: .42 mm
Standard Homeowner Grade: .44 mm
Thick Homeowner Grade: .46 mm
Extra Thick Grade: .50 mm
High End Grade: .54 mm

Importance Of Thickness

As a rule of thumb, vinyl siding will be durable and strong the thicker it is. Another benefit is that thicker siding tends to hide any bumps or imperfections along the walls, which helps keep the exterior of your home looking good. You also find that in some cases the thinner and lower grade vinyl siding tends to have a waviness to it, which you will not find when choosing a thicker grade. This means that even though a thicker vinyl siding will be more expensive, it will be a sound financial investment in the long run. You will also find that thicker siding doesn't crack as easily as the thinner and lower grade options, which is a huge advantage in cooler weather.

Thickness And Pricing

Thickness is just one of the considerations that is taken into account when a manufacturer determines the cost of vinyl siding. You can expect to pay more for a thicker siding, but the price will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will also be based on your overall siding design and style. If you are only looking at the products available from one manufacturer, then you will notice that the thicker sidings are seen as higher grades and are more expensive, while thinner vinyl siding options are seen as basic grade and will be lower in price.

Other Considerations

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing vinyl siding for your project. While thickness is an important consideration, one that will determine the durability and quality of the siding, there is also color, design, style, warranty and manufacturer reputation to take into consideration. If you have chosen to use a contractor who is handling the siding installation for you, request product recommendations. The contractor should be knowledgeable on the products they are offering, so you can determine the thickness of the siding and anything else you want to know to ensure the siding being used meets your needs.

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