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Vinyl Siding Fading

Vinyl siding fading should be a slow gradual process that is not excessive and does not take away from the overall look and appeal of the vinyl siding on your home. That being said, some amount of fading will occur over time and is essentially unavoidable. Color fading occurs on every type of cladding, whether it's stucco, fiber cement or wood siding. These last two products must be painted periodically so they get a "fresh coat" of perfect color every now and again (at a considerable expense to the homeowner there is obviously a cost/reward element at play). Vinyl siding, however, can't be painted so it will continue to fade over time with exposure to sun, moisture, weather, wear and tear etc.

Fading And Warranties

Most manufacturer's warranties will cover the issue of fading because it is one of the predictable processes and one of the issues that causes homeowners so many headaches. Typically, siding is warrantied not to fade more than 3 "shades" over say the initial 10 year period. The amount of fading allowed will differ by manufacturer and is dependent on the quality of the paint and the process that a manufacturer uses to apply the paint. For instance, homeowners can opt for Hardiboard to be painted at the factory where the paint is applied throughout the panel as opposed to a single coat.

Steps To Take

If you do feel that your siding has excessive fading that should be covered by the manufacturer, contact the manufacturer and see if you can send them photos of your existing siding for them to determine if the fading is normal or is out of the normal range. If you have any extra panels of the original siding (for repairs etc.) it is a good idea to take a picture of this to compare with the faded siding. At the end of the day, one way to avoid excessive fading is to purchase a quality vinyl siding from a top manufacturer.

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