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Vinyl Siding Prices : Basics

Vinyl Siding Basics

Discover great articles that will help you understand more about the basics of buying and selected the right vinyl siding for your home.

Top Rated Products

Discover five top rated vinyl products and brands, as well as three top rated fiber cement siding options.

» Best Vinyl Siding

» 5 Cheap Vinyl Cladding Products

» Compare Popular Materials

Purchasing Siding

We have put together ten easy to follow steps to help you overcome some of the problems you may experience when buying vinyl cladding.

» Buying Vinyl Siding

» Vinyl Or Fiber Cement Siding

» Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting Local Companies

Selecting the best siding companies in your area can be tricky business. Here is our step-by-step guide to selecting the right company or contractor for your project.

» Selecting Siding Companies

» Warranty Information

Product Fading

Fading should be a slow gradual process that is not excessive and does not take away from the overall look and appeal of the cladding on your home. Learn more about this issue.

» Vinyl Siding Fading

Ratings & Performance

Product ratings are based on a number of factors including quality, durability and overall look of the product. Discover the five most important rating considerations.

» Vinyl Siding Ratings


Vinyl siding thickness plays an important role in this; strong and durable siding is usually thicker, which can also have an impact on the finished look of your home.

» Vinyl Siding Thickness

How To Measure

We have put together several methods for how to measure for siding, starting from the easiest to the more complicated way.

» How To Measure For Siding

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