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Aluminum Siding Reviews

Read aluminum siding reviews from contractors and homeowners to find out about pricing, quality, durability and top siding brands and options.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Aluminum Siding Review

Several of the neighbors have put in aluminum siding on their homes and I think it looks really good. One of the nice things about it is that it comes in large rolls so there are way less seams to deal with then with vinyl siding. From what I can understand, if you're pretty good with projects you can put up vinyl siding, but it doesn't seem that way with aluminum siding. Some of the neighbors have had some issues with their vinyl over the years, particularly the material losing color and fading. When they tried to get the company to replace it under the warranty they didn't have any luck. My wife and I have decided to go with the aluminum because we feel like it's more durable and will be longer-lasting.

Iz - Homeowner - 2021

Aluminum Siding Price Quote

My contractor quoted me a price of $400 per square fully installed for Royal Crest with a .040 mil thickness, which doesn't include installing the soffits. He charges $560 per square on aluminum siding. What I'm wondering is whether I should go with a better quality siding for a bit more money. Insurance is paying for the project and they gave an estimate for aluminum of $356 per square - however they did accept the $560 per square estimate when I submitted it to them.

Jena - Consumer - from 2015

Contractor Response

Unless the vinyl siding is foam backed, I think the bid sounds a bit high, however insurance repairs are often bid out higher because the contractor doesn't want to find surprises down the road and have to keep some costs. Normally, if any issues come up the contractor can discuss it with the homeowner and adjust the project bid accrodingly. There are a lot of little factors that can either add to or lower a bid, wrapping windows and doors, tyvec wrap, tear off and disposal fee, trim and soffits so it's tough to say whether the bid price is high or not.

Sam - Contractor - 2015