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Vinyl Log Siding Prices

Vinyl log siding mimics the look of rustic logs used to create traditional log cabins. These authentic homes are iconic in terms of the history of our country, the primary style of home when the United States was being settled. A log cabin is about as rustic a look as possible. The problem, of course, was that these homes were not very energy efficient due to the imprecision of the logs and the milling tools available at the time.

The look of the traditional log cabin is one that appeals to many consumers. The downside to these home is the considerable maintenance required to preserve the integrity of the logs from the effects of the environment over time. This is the principal reason why vinyl log siding has gained in popularity as a viable alternative to real wood logs.

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-- Price Range: $3.50 to $8 psf installed --

Vinyl Log Siding Costs

Most of the available vinyl log siding boards use 100% vinyl, although some of the newer products have begun to integrate real wood into their panels. These composite blends are typically do a better job of recreating the look and imprecise texture of real logs.

The key to vinyl log siding is the rounded face of the board and imperfections that better resemble real log siding. The more realistic the look, the more expensive that product. Additional cost factors include the thickness of the panels, the length of the boards and the panel rating (how well or poor they hold up to severe storms, debris, denting, etc.)

-- Price Range: $1 - $3 psf (panel only) --

Kaycan Montebello

The Kaycan Montebello uses an insulated bowed panel to resemble the look of rustic log siding. The 7" profiled boards come in 4 unique color combinations.

-- Suggested Price Range: $1 - $1.50 psf (panel only) --

Additional Material Costs

Cladding your home is going to require more materials than simply the boards - nails, housewrap, starter courses, corner posts, fascia and trim boards, etc. Log siding is not going to involve as many additional materials as say vinyl shakes and shingles, but these materials will still run $.50 to $1 per square foot.

-- Price Range: $.50 - $1 psf (panel only) --

Removal Costs

Removing the existing siding from the house and preparing the walls and sides for the log siding can be a significant part of the overall project. This portion of the project often involves wrapping the house with an undersheathing that both protects the house from water and moisture damage, but also helps better insulate the walls and increase the overall energy efficiency to the home. Expect to pay $1 to $2 for the removal and preparation of the walls.

-- Price Range: $1 - $2 psf --

Vinyl Log Siding Installation

Installation costs should be in line with other lap or clapboard siding costs, roughly $1 to $2 per square foot. Contractors will typically bid the project out and include the removal cost in their install cost so their bid may be higher than what we have listed below.

-- Price Range: $1 - $2 psf --

Completed Project Price

Lower to middle range projects will run $3.50 to $6 psf installed. This per square foot price includes the log siding, any additional materials, the cost of removal and the installation cost. Mid range to high end projects will run $6 to $8 psf and includes all costs, from start to finish.

-- Completed Project Cost: $3.50 to $8 psf installed --

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