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How To Measure For Siding

We have put together several methods for how to measure for siding, starting from the easiest to the more complicated way. For pricing on your next project, see our vinyl siding calculator.

The Easiest Way

Use a one to one ratio to work out how much siding you will need, so a home of 1950 square foot will need 1950 square foot of siding. Bear in mind that this method does have a 200 to 500 square foot variance, but is the easiest possible method. Always ensure to include detached parts of the property such as guest houses, sheds, barns, garages and granny flats.

The Easy Way

Start by measuring the four sides of your home. Example a home of 40 foot by 30 foot would be added as 40 plus 40 plus 30 plus 30 giving you a total of 140.

Take this number of multiply it by the wall height. Example your walls are 12 foot, you will multiply 140 by 12, giving you 1680.

Non-Rectangular Homes

You'll need to start by working out the area for each side of your home. Length by width. Starting with the largest rectangle, you can then add any additional areas to total up the size for each area.

You will need to do this with every side. Always write down the numbers, as measuring these homes can get confusing.

Extra Tips On How To Measure For Siding

You'll find that a majority of homes aren't a perfect rectangle, so getting a correct measurement can be rather confusing. Always start with the largest rectangle on each of the sides, adding in any extra areas to get a total amount.

Don't remove the size of doors, windows or cut outs from your measurements. These extra amounts can be used should you make an error, often you'll find that there are parts that need small pieces.

Hard to reach areas should be measured using a tape measure and quality stepladder. You can use the tape measure to work out higher areas ensuring you aren't balancing dangerously on the ladder.

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