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Bevel Siding Calculator

Our bevel siding calculator can help you find industry average cost of bevel siding projects.

-- Completed Project: $2 to $6 psf --

Bevel Siding Basics

Bevel siding is a horizontal cladding where the bottom edge of the board is slightly thicker than the top edge of the board. This design allows the boards to push water away from the house during rain or snow storms, and helps to keep moisture from getting behind the walls. Bevel siding is also known as lap, clapboard and colonial clapboard siding. It differs pretty significantly from a vinyl shake siding.

Bevel Siding Boards

The boards or panels should run anywhere from $.50 to $2 per square foot, depending on the material that you select. Real wood boards will run $.50 to a $1.25 depending on if you're using a plywood, pine, spruce, etc. Vinyl siding will run $.50 to a $1 for the boards, while insulated or foam backed vinyl siding will typically run a $1 to $2 per square foot for the boards themselves. Fiber cement and composite boards will typically run a $1 to $2.50 psf for the boards or panels.

-- Price Range: $.50 to $2 psf --

Additional Material Pricing

Most siding projects will require a number of additional materials that will include housewrap, nails for installing the boards, starter courses, facia trim and soffit boards, J and F channels, corner posts, etc. This will run $.50 to $1 per sqaure foot, depending on the project specifics.

-- Price Range: $.50 to $1 psf --

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Installation Pricing

Installation will run anywhere from $.50 to $2 per square foot, again depending on the materials used. If the contractor needs to paint and or prime the composite, fiber cement or real wood boards, then this can run at that higher price range. Vinyl siding should run $.50 to a $1 per square foot for the cost of the labor itself.

-- Price Range: $.50 to $2 psf --

Siding Removal Cost

The cost to remove existing siding will usually run $.50 to $1 per square foot, depending on the materials used and how difficult the removal process.

-- Price Range: $.50 to $1 psf --

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