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Narrow Vinyl Siding

Explore the basics, costs and popular manufacturers of narrow vinyl siding boards. Nearly all of these boards will be horizontal like lap siding, as opposed to vertical boards. These narrow looking profiles provide a more traditional look that is often described as New England clapboard. It hardens back to the colonial era that was popular in early America that used a more narrow lap siding. For additional information, see our colonial clapboard siding page to learn about the trends and f the times.

Basics Of Narrow Siding

Narrow vinyl siding is usually considered anything less than a 4" profile. Often, this means a triple 3" profile, which has three panel projections - essentialy each panel or board appears to have three clapboard layers on top of one another. This narrow lap siding is essentially a manufactured look, the vinyl boards are actually 9" tall (a bit taller than this with the top lock and nail hem). As we mentioned previously, these narrow boards provide a more traditional look and feel to a home.

Narrow Vinyl Siding Cost

The cost of a narrow vinyl siding board should not vary siginificantly from the cost of any other comparable board. Perhaps the slightly taller panel (because it has triple 3" sections) will be a bit more expensive than a double 4", but not by much, if any.

-- Vinyl Siding: $.50 to $1 psf (panel only) --

-- Insulated Vinyl Siding: $1.25 to $2.25 (panel only) --

Narrow Siding Manufacturers

There are a number of vinyl siding manufacturers that manufacture one or more "narrow" profiles. The following are some of the more common.

Mastic Carvedwood Siding

The Mastic Carvedwood siding is a cedar inspired board that is comes in 7 different profiles and is one of the more popular options within the Mastic lap siding family. The 3" narrow siding option is available in 25 color options.

-- Price Range: $0.75 to $1 psf (product only) --

GP Chatham Ridge

The Georgia Pacific Chatham Ridge has a narrow profile that is recommended for smaller homes. The siding comes as a 3" traditional lap board that resembles colonial clapboard siding. Chatham Ridge has a .040" thickness and comes in 9 color options.

-- Price Range: $0.50 to $.75 psf (product only) --

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