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Canexel Siding Reviews

Explore Canexel siding reviews from professional installers and consumers who have know the brand and product from previous experience.

Siding Shrinks

I have used Canexel in the past but experienced shrinking problems on the recent two jobs I completed. The siding shrunk so badly that they couldn't cover the joint. I believe that this siding isn't available anymore, but I can get it in Canada. Has anyone else experienced this?

2008 - Donovan - Contractor

{Contractor Reply]

I've seen this problem a few times. Most of the time the problem is caused by incorrect storage before the siding is installed. I've seen it happen with Hardi and Canexel where the siding got wet prior to installation. Of course in the end you're left with a poor finished product.

2008 - Michael - Contractor

Deciding Between Vinyl or Wood Composite

We are in the process of researching the siding options available. We live in a harsh weather climate where we experience frequent hail storms and I need to know that any siding I choose can withstand this. Vinyl is the more affordable choice, but wood composite and fiber cement appear to be more durable, which is probably the route I will end up taking. I am still waiting to get the quote from Canexel, but am struggling to find information on their wood composite siding and would appreciate any advice on which is the right choice for my project.

2009 - Sandra a Homeowner

{Homeowner Response]

I had Canexel on my previous home and after twelve years it looked as good as new. In fact I had some spare left in the shed and after all that time it matched perfectly when I had to replace a small section which was burned when a bbq fell against the side. With our new home I wanted to go with Canexel and will probably regret that we chose a wooden clapboard instead to blend in with the style of our property. I don't think you will be sorry if you choose the Canexel siding.

2009 - Linda - Homeowner