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Alcoa Siding Color Chart

Explore Alcoa siding colors on many of their most popular lines and options. Alcoa Siding is now labeled and marketed under the Mastic siding or more specifically Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem. Alcoa was at one time of the largest manufacturers of aluminum siding. Back in November, 2006 Alcoa sold it's siding division to Mastic, which was then purchased by Ply Gem. Mastic Siding by Ply Gem does offer some nice siding lines and we have listed a description of the product below, along with the color chart for each option.

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Alcoa Carvedwood 44 Vinyl Siding

Description: The Carvedwood 44 siding option is a a cedar inspired lap cladding that comes in 26 different colors, 6 profiles and 2 different finishes (wood grain and smooth). Consumers can select from a double 4", double 5", double 4.5" dutch lap, triple 3", single 8" or double 4" (smooth).

Alcoa Millcreek Siding Colors

Description: Mill Creek uses a real wood grain with a rustic finish, comes in 13 colors and 5 different profiles, including double 4", double 4" dutch lap, double 5", double 5" dutch lap and a triple 3".

Alcoa Ovation Vinyl Siding

Description: The Ovation line comes in 20 vivid color combinations and can be ordered in 5 unique profiles, including double 4" and 5", double 4.5" dutch lap, triple 3" and single 6.5"

Structure EPS Insulated Siding

Description: The Structure EPS insulated vinyl siding is one of the premium cladding options that offers better rigidity for straighter walls, better impact resistance, and increased R value for the home. This clapboard siding comes in 14 colors, and can be ordered in a double 4", double 4.5" dutch lap, double 6", single 7", double 4.5" dutch lap, double 6", and a single 7". The last three profiles come in an extended 16' panel.

Quest Signature

Description: The Quest Signature is available in some 35 standard colors, has a .046" panel thickness and can be ordered in a double 4, double 4-1/2" dutch lap and a double 5".


Description: The Quest cladding line is available in a 4" profile and comes in a whooping 35 different color options - see our Alcoa vinyl color chart below for more information.

Cedar Discovery

Description: Cedar Discovery offers the traditional look of cedar shingles and shakes in some 40 different color options and in a number of different styles. These include half round, triple 5" shingles, straight shingle double 7" and hand split shake.

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